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Upper Perk Boys Youth Lacrosse Q&A


  1. What is the sport of Lacrosse?  Lacrosse is a team game that combines the concepts of hockey, basketball and soccer.  The players use sticks to cradle, scoop, pass and shoot a ball into the opponent’s goal. 


  1. What equipment is required?  The men’s game varies greatly from the women’s game and requires the use of a stick, helmets, gloves, shoulders and elbow pads, and mouth guard similar to that of ice hockey.  An athletic cup is also required.


  1. What does my $65 registration fee cover?  The registration fee covers our league, referee’s fees, insurance, administrative and field costs.  Custom uniforms (approx. 33$), possible tournament entries and necessary personal equipment will be additional costs.  Complete equipment packages begin at roughly $185.00


  1. Can my son also play baseball?  Absolutely, Yes.  My own children play both lacrosse and baseball.  The goal is to allow the boys to experience the sport of lacrosse and let them decide on their own if they like it. 


  1. When will practices and games be?  Indoor skills practice will start once a week in February. Outdoor practices will start mid-March: 3rd -6th graders will have two practices during the week. 1st and 2nd graders will have at least one per week. All games will be on Saturdays.  Nothing is mandatory but like any sport you only get out of it what you put into it. 


  1. Is there boys lacrosse in the Upper Perkiomen School district? There currently is not a school based team, however we are hoping to change that ultimately. All surrounding school districts, with the exception of Pottstown, have had a boys’ lacrosse program for many years. We hope that within the next 3 to 4 years we will be able to convince the school board to bring in this new sport. We believe the goal is obtainable with support from our community and parents.
  2. Are you considering extending past 6th grade? Yes. This is our first year, and our hope is that in the next 1 to 2 years, with additional volunteers and growth we will be able to offer a 7th and 8th grade team. Both local lacrosse leagues, Southeastern Philadelphia lacrosse league (seypla) and Leigh Valley Lacrosse League, support programs through 8th grade.
  3. Are there other boys lacrosse opportunities besides community recreation programs? Yes. There are quite a few very good club/travel programs in our area. These programs also run additional skills clinics off-season in the summer, fall, and winter that anyone can sign up for to improve their game. Old English Lacrosse and Black Bear Lacrosse are two of the closest programs to our area.